Hello Touch X


Electrostimulation & Vibration

One creation. Two sensations, Unlimited Exploration.
Introducing the first product to put vibration and electrostimulation at your fingertips.


HELLO TOUCH X Components

A vibrator as versatile and mobile as your fingertips. Massage, pinch, and please unlike any other pleasure product, with your choice of sensation. Choose between two sets of ultra-compact Pleasure Pods – powerful vibration or electrostimulation – to deliver sensation anywhere hands may roam. With two interchangeable products in one, you (and a partner) can enjoy twice the provocative possibility.





Pick Your Pleasure
Two sets of interchangeable pods – Vibration or Electrostimulation 

Intuitive Digital Controls

10 power levels x 6 pulsation modes = 60 ways to excite

Body-Safe Materials

Medical grade silicone and stainless steel

Water-Resistant and Washable
Pleasure Pods and Control Dock shower and bath-friendly

USB Rechargeable

Conveniently charge through your computer or the wall, USB cord included

High Performance Lithium Battery
Runs up to 40 minutes for vibration and 3 hours for electrostimulation 

3 Year Limited Warranty

Our commitment to quality







Hello, Vibration 

Experience the smallest fingertip vibrator available, now with 5 times the power in 1/3 the size. Optimized for both internal and clitoral stimulation, we’ve minimized every dimension so you can deliver powerful sensations anywhere hands may roam, without limitation. The Vibration Pods are as mobile and versatile as your fingers.

Hello, Electrostimulation

 How does E-Stim work?
When the two electrodes on the HELLO TOUCH X E-Stim Pads come into contact with your skin, the current – from the light tingling to intense pulse waves – extends beyond the contact point, penetrating deeper in the body:

  • Stimulating nerves
  • Increasing blood flow
  • Causing involuntary muscle contractions
  • Providing a pleasureable and even orgasm-inducing sensation    

Hello, RX

 An extensive history.
Modern electrostimulation devices emerged in the 1950s, using pulse wave electricity to deliver currents of electrons to the body. Since then, it’s been used in the medical and health fields for:

  • Physical therapy
  • Pain management
  • Tissue repair
  • Increasing lymphatic blood flow
  • Massage and muscle toning
  • Pelvic floor strengthen to treat incontinence  


Hello, Experimentation

E-Stim for S&M play
The use of E-Stim for pleasure and S&M emerged in the 1980s. Since then it’s become increasingly popular.

As you turn the strength up on E-Stim devices, you approach a tantalizing threshold between pleasure and pain. That’s why these products have become a favorite among the BDSM community. HELLO TOUCH X offers a safe and exhilarating way to explore S&M without the risk of lasting pain or damage

Hello, Climax

E-Stim for Pleasure
Electrostimulation provides a unique sensation and can be a fun and exciting way to add a new experience to your relationship.

  • Electrostimulation awakens nerves under the surface to increase blood flow
  • Pleasure Pods deliver a light electric current to erogenous zones for tingling, unexpected pleasure
  • Adding lubricant intensifies the effects allowing the current to be felt beyond the contact point
  • The current penetrates at a deeper level than vibration and the erotic sensations are often more intense than with a vibrator

Hello, Relaxation

 Is it safe?
Relax knowing that our new HELLO TOUCH X is entirely safe (not to mention extremely pleasureable.) 

  • The electrical current from erotic E-Stim devices uses a pulse type waveform, different from the AC/DC electricity that usually comes to mind
  • Although considered entirely safe, you should always be cautious when dealing with electricity. People with the following conditions should consult a doctor before using E-Stim: heart disease, pacemaker, pregnancy, epilepsy, or other neurological disease, metal IUD or other metallic devices  
 HELLO TOUCH X Vibration