What a year it has been for Jimmyjane and all who work here! As 2015 quickly approaches, we wanted to take a moment to thank all of our amazing distributors, retailers and loyal customers for their continued support. In 2014 Jimmyjane introduced FORM2 LUX and added the beautiful new ICONIC WAND and ICONIC RABBIT to the USUAL SUSPECTS Collection. Within this past year we have also welcomed a few new members to the Jimmyjane family, and as a team, are excited for what lies ahead. Without giving too much away, 2015 will be a year full of new products, new product lines, and a stellar sex education/retail-training program!

During a team lunch we all went around and discussed some of our resolutions for the New Year. Personally, I would like to floss once a day, every day, while others said they wanted to do more community service around San Francisco. There were of course the staple resolutions: eat better, sleep more, and exercise often, but then we all got to thinking, “What would a Jimmyjane New Year Resolution look like?” Making time to masturbate? Switching up those mundane sexual routines? Maybe so, but to us, if Jimmyjane could talk he/she/it/ Ze/E would say: Kiss Longer, Hug Harder and Love Stronger! 

So, all of us here at Jimmyjane are not only wishing you a happy, healthy and sexy New Year, but a New Year filled with longer kisses, harder hugs and stronger love!