Experience and Comfort Level

Experience and Comfort Level


If you are (or a gift recipient is) new to vibrators, you might want to consider a few options for familiarizing yourself with their sensations and functionality.

  • Start Simple.

    If vibration is a new sensation, consider simple, understandable products focused on clitoral stimulation such as ICONIC BULLET or ICONIC SMOOTHIE. HELLO TOUCH is also a good beginner option, as it augments the natural motion of your fingers with vibration.

  • Start Approachable.

    Trying a vibrator for the first time (particularly with another person present) is an exciting but potentially daunting prospect. Small size, clean design, and tasteful packaging can help minize intimidation. LITTLE CHROMA and FORM 4 have simple, approachable shapes and are intuitive to use. 

  • Start Beautiful.

    If anything should be beautiful, it's the objects involved in our sexuality. FORM 2, FORM 3, FORM 4, and FORM 6 have all won design-industry accolades from GOOD Design and IDEA. 


If you already know your way around vibrators, there are a variety of ways you can upgrade your collection.

  • Go Durable.

    It makes sense to have products that are built to last- it saves you money and time in the long run, and it saves the world from more landfill. Buy from a brand that you trust, and one that offers a clear warranty and customer service policy. Jimmyjane was the first company in the industry to offer a three-year warranty. LEARN MORE

  • Go Powerful.

    If you like strong vibrations, consider upgrading to a rechargeable vibrator, like FORM 4 with its oversized motor right at the tip, FORM 6 with dual motors, or the HELLO TOUCH X with 30% more power than the original plus the option for electrostimulation. 

  • Go Luxury.

    Nothing rounds out a healthy collection of vibrators like the sparkling shine of LITTLE PLATINUM. Or indulge in the silky feel of premium black silicone and 24-Karat gold with FORM 2 LE. You deserve it.