I appreciate that the modernistic style and smooth curves of the Jimmyjane Rumble Seat look right at home with my simplistic Scandinavian furniture, much of which is also created from plastic. This allows me to leave it out anywhere in my home without worrying about anyone gasping – “Is that sex furniture?!”


Then I would be forced to explain why I have a Jimmyjane Rumble Seat in my living room and why it’s become my favorite, and most used, piece of furniture; followed by answering the inevitable question, “How do you use it?”



You know, I’m one of those girls who will divide the price of my expensive shoes into how many times I can wear them to justify the price. I did this too with my Rumble Seat. I’m at 12 cents per use and dropping. You do the math.


I bought my Rumble Seat because I’ve always wanted to try one of those sex machines but didn’t want to pay a price that equaled my mortgage. And, I was having a rough day; a day that wouldn’t be better unless I had a stress-busting, earth-shattering orgasm on a major scale. Well, my Rumble Seat didn’t disappoint and it’s had a prominent place in my house ever since.


So to answer that previous question – “How do you use it?” Any way you want. And then some.

Rumble Seat in Action:


I tried holding onto the handle and riding it. Yep, that worked great. Then I tried turning around and putting my hands on the floor in front of me and riding it. Uh-huh, that feels nice too. I would recommend getting on your knees to ride it because it’s just easier to position the vibrating pleasure dome exactly where you want it. And personally, placing it on a rug or on carpet allows me to rock on it.


Rocking is an important activity during solo sex play because it helps constantly stimulate the clitoris, which leads to more powerful orgasms. The Rumble Seat is also contoured so it’s extremely easy to grind on as well.


I also found that when I kneeled and held onto the handle, my partner could enter me from behind and we could both enjoy the powerful vibrations simultaneously. And that’s how my Rumble Seat quickly became his favorite sex toy too.


I’ve played with my Rumble Seat on top of my bed as well and found that it works well even when it’s not on firm surface. I’ve also tried various combinations with my other pleasure products  – with a bullet inserted vaginally, wearing a vibrating butt plug, while using a classic slimline vibrator and while enjoying my favorite dildo. My Jimmyjane Rumble Seat makes every experience so much better. The more exploration I do, the happier I am with all the vibrating pleasure options my Rumble Seat offers.


So I won’t point out your Rumble Seat when I visit if you don’t point out mine.


And talk about the brilliance of hiding my Rumble Seat in plain sight. Trust me, I haven’t had this much fun deceiving people since I told my mother that my Form 6 was actually a mojito muddler.