Every now and then an intimate product comes across my desk that I get really, truly, deeply excited
about. The ASCEND 7 Rechargeable Vibrator made my heart flutter (among other things…).
I’ll share what I was most happy about in a moment. First, let’s talk about date night. Why do I hear
crickets? Do most couple’s dread date night? Are you afraid of coming up with a sexy idea that your
partner may not like? Or, does your ever-busy life have you too drained to think up something even
remotely sexy to do?
This is where I come in – I'm here to help!

Setting the Scene!

Besides having an indoor picnic featuring aphrodisiac finger food, there are plenty of other ways to bring
excitement and anticipation back to your date night. I suggest each partner write down a list of date
night activities that they would like to try – a Paint & Sip evening, hitting golf balls together, laser tag, a
concert in the park, etc. Then cut up all the suggestions into squares and place them into a bowl
together. Now flip a coin to determine who gets to choose the first date night event. Save the bowl for
next week’s date night. And repeat.

So what date night event did you pull? Before you even start planning, I have a suggestion – Get Frisky
First! That’s right. Before getting all dressed up, eating a big meal, getting stuck in traffic… why not plan
on celebrating your love BEFORE you even leave the house? This way, no matter what turn of events
happen during your date, such as that huge pasta meal that was delicious but has you dreaming only of
your pillow, you will have time to already have enjoyed the pleasures of getting Frisky First with your

Imagine how your life will change when you START your date with a rowdy romp in the sack? You’ll look
gorgeously flushed and glowing. You’ll be able to leisurely enjoy your meal or concert knowing that
“round 1” was amazing and that having a “round 2” bookend at the end of the evening will be icing on
the cake of a great date night.

Let ASCEND Take You Higher

Now, with that wonderful image in your head, let me share why the Jimmyjane ASCEND 7 may be a
great toy to include in your date night shenanigans. Perhaps it’s my infatuation with this product, but I
haven’t had this many different types of fun to be had with just one toy in a long time.
The ASCEND 7 is 17 inches long and has a powerful vibrator on each end. Yes, one for me and one for a
friend. Or both for me!

It’s amazing because the smooth silicone feels super good on skin and I found myself running both
vibrating ends all over the place. Sure, that feels good – but either or both of the ASCEND 7’s ends can
also be inserted.

For You. For Him. For Her. 

Okay, now I’m using my whisper voice – “Have you ever wanted to try double penetration but were a bit
afraid to admit it?” Yes, a lot of people feel this way. But one great thing that ASCEND 7 can do is
provide a double penetration experience, or even a double stimulation experience, since both ends
vibrate at the same time. Why not cross that fantasy off the list?

I found the ASCEND 7 provided a really unique way to enjoy partner playtime since both partners can
each have their own vibrating end to use on themselves or each other. This doubles the amount of sex
toy fun to be had!

You’ve got a date night plan, you’re going to get frisky first, and you’ve got a multitasking intimate toy
that will give you and your lover plenty of sexy options – I think you’re ready to enjoy an amazing date!