That enviable couple who practically glow and appear to be aging backwards – you know which couple I’m talking about. They always look refreshed and alive no matter where you run into them. You’re not sure if they’re actual vampires or have sold their souls, but you naturally envy their gorgeous, youthful looks.

Yes, we all know that happy couples are a beautiful sight to behold with their smiles and laughter. But I’m sure there are a few couples who have caught your attention because they appear to be younger every time you see them. Perhaps you’ve cornered each one individually and asked what their secret is, but the only answer you get are blushes and giggles.

I’m here to share a secret with you - couples who orgasm together can indeed look years younger! Are you ready to unlock the mysterious and little known secret to youth?

1. Orgasms Give You Smooth, Healthy Skin
The glow of good sex is real! Orgasms increase Estrogen – which is essential for fresh, gorgeously glowing skin.

2. Orgasms Are Great Stress Relievers
Orgasms release Endorphins – which are natural pain-killing and stress-relieving hormones. Less stress is better for your entire mind and body as a whole.

3. Regular Orgasms Can Increase Your Life Span Every time you reach orgasm your body releases DHEA. DHEA is a hormone known to boost your immune system, improve cognition, keep skin healthy, and helps you look younger, longer!

For couples looking for ways to amp their coupled orgasms, I would recommend bringing a few intimate pleasure items into the mix. One of my favorite sets is the Jimmyjane Afte Dark Collection, which combines the award-winning FORM 2 Rechargeable Vibrator that’s perfect for him and her with a decadent massage candle and ceramic massage stone.

The After Dark Collection

So grab your partner and get busy working on your youthful glow. Orgasms aren’t only for your personal enjoyment, they also happen to be great for your health!