Is prostate massage vital for your health? It can be. But, prostate massage can also be wonderfully enjoyable and a way to experience the most incredible orgasms of your life.


Unlike chunky vitamins, vegan diets and other things you do for your health, prostate massage is one thing that happens to be just as pleasurable as it is good for you. Yes, I know, anal stimulation makes a lot of people uncomfortable. For many, nothing has been near their backside since the rectum thermometers of their youth. But science has not found there’s plenty of reason to give your bum more love.

Rectum Thermometer - Prostate Massage

 Prostate play should not go down this way.

Where Can You Find Your Prostate?

Your prostate is part of your male reproductive system and is a walnut-sized gland located inside your rectum. For most men it can be found approximately three inches inside toward the front of the body. The prostate produces prostatic fluid, which is one of the main components in semen.


The 1st great reason to try prostate massage is because it just may save your life.


If the prostate becomes swollen, tender and inflamed, it’s a condition called prostatitis. Acute bacterial prostatitis can cause sepsis and possibly death.


One way to keep your prostate healthy is to regularly massage it; this is also called prostate milking. And the easiest way to milk a prostate is with an intimate product created for this type of massage.


The ELEMENT PM (PM stands for Prostate Massager) is ideal for prostate massage because of its design and small, tapered tip. While it’s rechargeable, which is handy for a biweekly massage regime, it can be used with or without vibration depending on preference.

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The 2nd great reason to try prostate massage is to experience intensified climaxes.


Because the anal area has a high concentration of nerve endings that are pleasingly stimulated by even the smallest amount of attention, an extra added bonus for prostate massage is that it will amplify your orgasms. The Jimmyjane Ribbed P-Spot Vibrator is another intimate massager designed to massage the prostate and can be used with or without vibration.


The 3rd great reason to try prostate massage is to heighten partner play.


Let’s say you’re wearing either the ELEMENT PM or the Jimmyjane Ribbed P-Spot Vibrator during sex play – the pleasing sensations coupled with the pleasure of sex play will multiple sexual stimulation and provide you and your partner with an amazing intimate experience.


I would also like to share a couple of important suggestions for getting started with prostate massagers that will make it more enjoyable.

Tip # 1 - I always recommend using a lot of lubricant, such as Jimmyjane Feel Sexy Silicone-based Personal Lubricant. I suggest a silicone lubricant because of its enhanced viscosity which allows for a longer period of lubrication without reapplication.

Tip #2 - How you insert your prostate massager is also very important because it can make the experience a good one or a bad one. Remember to never forcefully insert a toy. My #1 tip for properly inserting a prostate massager is to lay down on your side with your legs curled up a bit. This position will naturally relax your anal muscles and allow for easier insertion with less resistance. And go slow. This isn’t a race. Take your time and gradually rock your prostate massager as you slowly insert it.


And something to keep in mind – The difference between a prostate orgasm and regular ejaculation is that semen will flow out rather than being squirted out. And, some men do not experience a prostate orgasm the first couple of times they try it so don’t think you’re doing it wrong if nothing happens until your third try.