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Jimmyjane Gift Certificates let the recipient choose their pleasure.

Purchasing Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates may be purchased with standard payment methods just like any other item in the store. Once purchased, the value of the Gift Certificate will be added to your own personal Gift Certificate Account. This amount will appear in your Checkout Page and your Account Page, where you'll see a button to send a Gift Certificate.

Sending Gift Certificates
To send Gift Certificates, click the "Send a Gift Certificate" button found in your Account page or Check Out page. Type in the recipient's name, email address, the amount you want to send (note: you don't have to send the full amount in your Gift Certificate Account), and a short personal message. Please ensure that you have entered all of the information correctly, you'll be given the opportunity to confirm or edit it. You can send as many Gift Certificates as you want until you run out of funds.

Redeeming Gift Certificates
As the recipient of a gift certificate, you'll have an email containing the name of the sender, the value of the Gift Certificate, a button to redeem it, and a Gift Certificate code.

You can redeem your Gift Certificate (add the credit to your account) in one of two ways:

  1. Click on the button in your email, which will open up our login page. If you have an account, sign in. If not, you'll need to create one. Once you're signed in to your account, you'll see the Redeem Gift Certificate page confirming that the funds from your Gift Certificate are now in your account, ready to be spent.
  2. Alternatively, you can enter the Gift Certificate code during the checkout process. Type in the code and click "Redeem." The code will be validated and the amount added to your Gift Certificate Account.

Using Gift Certificates
Once you've redeemed your Gift Certificate and you have funds in your Gift Certificate account, you may use them to purchase items in our store. At the checkout stage, enter the amount you would like to apply in the Gift Certificate section.

Please note, you will have to select another payment method if there is not enough in your Gift Certificate Account to cover the cost of your purchase. If you have more funds in your Gift Certificate Account than the total cost of your purchase, the balance will be left in your Gift Certificate Account for future use.

Further questions or problems
If your question is not answered here, contact us at Please give as much information as possible in the email so we can assist you.


Gift Certificate Terms and Conditions

Gift Certificates can be purchased from our online shop ( In order to purchase a Gift Certificate, you will need a Jimmyjane account and a valid credit card. In order to send a Gift Certificate, you will need recipient email address and name. The value of a Gift Certificate will show up in the recipients' account as an account credit. The purchase of a Gift Certificate is non-refundable or cancellable.

In order to use a Gift Certificate the recipient must sign up for or already have a Jimmyjane account.

Referral Credits
If purchaser buys a Gift Certificate for a non-member of Jimmyjane and the recipient then becomes a member of same, the purchaser will not receive any credit through our Refer a Friend program if the recipient's first purchase is a Gift Certificate.

Cancellation and Expiration.
In accordance with California law, Gift Certificates do not have an expiration date.

(i) Gift Certificates may only be used on the Jimmyjane website, toward the purchase of eligible products. If a purchase exceeds the amount of the Gift Certificate, the balance must be paid with a credit card or other available payment method;
(ii) If you receive a Gift Certificate, you cannot use it to purchase a Gift Certificate;
(iii) Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash unless required by law, and cannot be applied to your credit card account. Gift Certificates will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Gift Certificates may not be resold.

Jimmyjane reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time. If Jimmyjane makes a material modification to these terms and conditions, it will notify you by displaying a prominent announcement above the text of these terms and conditions, as appropriate, for thirty (30) days, and that will be deemed sufficient notification, of such changes.

Customer Support.
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