The answers below apply to both LITTLE SOMETHING AND LITTLE CHROMA.

I just got my LITTLE SOMETHING! Now what?
Congratulations – you’re mere seconds from being able to use your LITTLE SOMETHING for the first time. Remove the cap by twisting it counterclockwise, then remove the protective “Remove Me” label from the end of the battery. Replace the vibrator cap by gently screwing it back on clockwise.

How do I turn LITTLE SOMETHING on?
Turn the cap clockwise until it cannot be turned any further. You will notice some sound as you do this. However, once the cap is tight, you won’t hear much but you’ll certainly feel the vibrations.

How do I get more/less vibration intensity?
LITTLE SOMETHING offers strong, penetrating vibration that is tuned to the resonant frequency of the human body. Intensity varies along its length – most intense at the tip, and gradually milder toward the cap end. By repositioning the vibrator, you can receive a wide range of stimulation.

What’s the best way to use LITTLE SOMETHING?
To make the best use of this versatile companion, we highly recommend reading our Suggested Uses. If you’re more of a visual person, our LITTLE SOMETHING Intro Video offers a great starting point.

Here’s a move to get you started: Turn LITTLE SOMETHING on by turning the cap clockwise until it cannot be turned any further. Trace the tip along the inside of the labia on either side of the clitoris. When you’re ready, nestle LITTLE SOMETHING lengthwise between the labia so the vibrator comes in contact with the clitoris – and the vibrations can be felt everywhere. You can also slide LITTLE SOMETHING forward and back for extra stimulation.

What’s the best way to care for LITTLE SOMETHING?
Apply a small dab of Vaseline to the end cap to help prevent the threads from sticking together. Remove the battery for long periods of time to prevent battery corrosion.

Can I use LITTLE SOMETHING under water?
Yes. LITTLE SOMETHING is completely waterproof when cap is completely closed (the vibrator will be on). Make sure to tighten cap completely or the water can leak in and cause problems.

Should I use lubricant?
Using lube can create a more pleasurable experience, whether you’re going solo or playing with a partner, as your LITTLE SOMETHING will move more smoothly over the body. You can use either silicone- or water-based lubricants with your LITTLE SOMETHING.

Help! My LITTLE SOMETHING won’t turn on.
If you’re having trouble putting the cap onto the vibrator, make sure that you’re threading it straight onto the housing. If you put it on at an angle, the threads will not engage properly. If the cap is on, but you’re finding that it’s difficult to turn, apply a very small amount of Vaseline to the threads – this will ensure it can be tightened and removed easily.

If your cap is tightened all the way and nothing is happening, it may be that either your battery needs to be replaced or that your motor needs to be replaced. First, try replacing your AA battery.

Be sure not to accidentally replace the Replaceable Motor with a battery. This may damage LITTLE SOMETHING. The Replaceable Motor is similar in size and shape to a AA battery, and can be identified by its black Jimmyjane-branded casing. You should never put two AA batteries in LITTLE SOMETHING at the same time as this may damage the vibrator.

If a new battery doesn’t do the trick, your motor may need to be replaced. Our patented Replaceable Motors last more than a year and can be easily replaced to ensure your LITTLE SOMETHING is everlasting. You can order a new Replaceable Motor here.

If your vibrator still won’t turn on, contact Customer Service.

How long does the battery last?
Each AA battery delivers up to 16 hours of pleasure.

How long does the Replaceable Motor last?
Each motor lasts more than a year under heavy use.

How do I replace the motor?
Remove the cap by twisting it counterclockwise, then turn the vibrator upside down to slide out the AA battery. Next, slide out the Replaceable Motor. Slide in the new motor, replace the AA battery and screw the cap back on. Voila, you’re back in action.

How do I heat/chill LITTLE SOMETHING?
You can heat LITTLE SOMETHING by placing it in a bowl of warm (not boiling) water. Never put LITTLE SOMETHING in the microwave or oven. You can chill it by simply putting it in the refrigerator.

Does the LITTLE SOMETHING and LITTLE CHROMA contain nickel?
Some Jimmyjane vibrators contain a trace level of nickel that is safe for those without nickel allergies and conforms to the RoHS safety standards. Those with specific nickel allergies should avoid all metal products, including LITTLE SOMETHING and LITTLE CHROMA. The stainless steel that we use for our LITTLE SOMETHING line and the anodized aluminum used in LITTLE CHROMA are medical quality and contain a trace level of nickel. FORM 2, FORM 3, FORM 4 and FORM 6 have stainless steel metal contacts that contain nickel. Those with nickel allergies should avoid these metal contacts or purchase a different Jimmyjane product. Always be aware of signs of an allergic reaction and discontinue use if a reaction occurs.