My Product won't turn on?
Due to the waterproof seal teh connection can be rather tight at first. Please make sure to Insert the micro-USB end into the neon yellow Pleasure Port on the Control Dock.
Push hard until it’s firmly and securely in the dock. Make sure the “O” ring water seal is below the surface of  the Pleasure Port

How do turn on my HELLO TOUCH X?
First, charge it (see below). Then, select your sensation – vibration or electrostimulation (E-stim) by inserting the desired finger pods into the control panel.

  • For vibration: Turn on with the (+) button, and off with the (-) button. 
  • For E-stim: Turn on by pressing the (+) button twice – once to put product in standby and once to turn on electrostimulation, then press the (~) button to activate mode 1. Increase the power levels by pressing the (+) button.

 Note: for electrostimulation to work, the metal studs of both Pleasure Pods must be touching the skin.

If you’ve tried the steps above and your product still won’t turn on, contact Customer Service

How long should I charge my HELLO TOUCH X before turning on?
While we're sure you're eager to get started, we recommend charging it for 8 hours prior to first use. Plug the USB cable into your computer or a wall converter.

Help! My HELLO TOUCH X won't charge.
HELLO TOUCH X will light up when charging. The light will go out when the unit is fully charged. If the light is not on and the unit is not fully charged, check connection of USB and confirm the power source is turned on

How do I change mode and power levels?
If you’re using the vibration mode, there is only one mode and power level. Use the (+) to turn on and (-) to turn off.
If you're using the E-stim Pleasure Pods, press the (+) button to increase power and (-) to decrease and turn off.

Press (~) button to cycle through modes

There are six modes:

Mode 1: Short buzz, short pause

Mode 2: Long buzz, long pause

Mode 3: Longer buzz, short pause

Mode 4: Cycles through first three modes

Mode 5: Wild card

Mode 6: Constant buzz

Note: Every time you change modes, the next mode starts at lowest power level

How long will it run on a single charge?
40 minutes for vibration and 3 hours for e-stim.

Note: Product will automatically shut off after 12 minutes of constant use.

How do I wear my HELLO TOUCH X?
First, select which sensation you want to use first – vibration or electrostimulation (E-stim). Insert the end of the Pleasure Pod wire into the Control Dock and insert the Dock into the Wristband so that the side with the wires is facing the opening. Next, slip the Wristband onto your wrist, and the loops of the Finger Pads over your fingers.

What’s the best way to use HELLO TOUCH X?
Here's are some tips to get you started:


The Vibration Pods are optimized for both internal and clitoral stimulation. We’ve minimized every dimension so you can deliver powerful sensations anywhere hands may roam, without limitation. The Vibration Pods are as mobile and versatile as your fingers – stroke, squeeze and surround in sensation, unlike any other vibrator.

There are a number of placements to choose from, here are a few of our suggestions. See our Suggested Uses to learn more about the benefits of each:

  • Front of index & middle fingertips
  • Back of index & middle fingertips
  • Front of thumb & index finger
  • Front of mid-fingers
  • Choose your own adventure...


HELLO TOUCH X allows you to stimulate yourself, or your partner’s body with a light electric current, anywhere hands may roam.

  • If you’re new to E-Stim, focus on the secondary erogenous zones to get used to the sensation – inner thighs, buttocks, and feet.
  • There are many nerve endings in the primary erogenous zones. (2,000 in the clitoris alone.) E-Stim can feel pleasurable in these areas, but start on a low level and experiment with what feels good.
  • Both electrodes must be touch the skin for it to work.
  • Adding lubricant, especially electro gel, intensifies the effects and allows the current to cover a large area so stimulation can be felt beyond the contact point of the electrodes.


Yes. The electrical current from erotic E-stim devices uses a pulse type waveform, different from the AC/DC electricity that usually comes to mind. Contrary to what many people initially think, E-stim is safe, and can be very pleasurable.


While electrostatic shock play is safe, always be cautious when dealing with electricity. People with any of the following conditions should not use the electrostatic feature: heart disease, pacemaker, epilepsy or other neurological disease. Pregnant women should not use electrostatic shock. Do not use near any metal objects or piercings or if you have an IUD that may contain metal. People under medical care should consult their physician before using.