FORM 6 Questions

I just got a FORM 6! How long do I need to charge it?
While we're sure you're eager to get started, we recommend charging it for 8 hours prior to first use. Letting your vibrator fully charge protects the battery and ensures a longer lifespan.

Can I turn on only one end of FORM 6?
Yes. FORM 6 offers six different vibration modes, one of those is small node only and one is large node only. Press the "~" Mode button to cycle through the modes. Once you're in the mode you want, use the "+" and "–" buttons to change vibration level.

What's the best way to use FORM 6?
FORM 6 is exceptionally versatile, giving you ample opportunity to explore all the sensations that bring you the most pleasure. To get started, we highly recommend reading our Suggested Uses. If you're more of a visual person, our FORM 6 Intro Video offers a great starting point.

Either end of FORM 6 can be used to stimulate the clitoris or to insert into the vagina. Some prefer to insert the curved, narrow end because it can be angled to reach the G-Spot, while others like the "full" sensation that the large end provides.

Here's a tip for using FORM 6 to find the G-Spot: The G-Spot is located anywhere from one to three inches inside the vagina on the anterior (or front) wall, toward the belly. It is easiest to locate once you are already aroused, as this causes blood to flow into the tissue and create a raised, sponge-like surface. A good way to get started is to first stimulate the clitoris, labia or nipples with your FORM 6.
Once you feel ready, insert the narrow, curved end of FORM 6 into the vagina with the end pointing toward the front of the body. Once you've located the G-Spot, you can use FORM 6 to stroke, rock back and forth or simply apply pressure. Experiment with different intensities, pressure and vibration modes until you find what feel best to you.

Can I use FORM 6 anally?
FORM 6 can be used anally, but should never be inserted beyond the metal collar if the large node is being used, or halfway along the large node, if the small node is being used. The angled head can be used for prostate stimulation.

Should I use lubricant?
Using lube can create a more pleasurable experience, whether you're going solo or playing with a partner, as your FORM 6 will be able to move more smoothly and comfortably over the body. Be sure to use a water-based lubricant with FORM 6, as some silicone-based lubricants can degrade silicone vibrators.

Help! My FORM 6 won't charge.
The first thing to check is the back of the charger – has the cord become disconnected from the base and is the adapter plugged into an outlet?

If that's not it, check to see if the metal charging collar on your vibrator is making proper contact with the raised charging contacts on the base.

When FORM 6 is positioned correctly, the lights will illuminate in sequence to indicate that charging has commenced – then two lights will remain illuminated as long as the vibrator is on the base. If no lights remain illuminated, FORM 6 is not making proper contact with the base. Reposition it until the light remains lit. Still having issues? Don't worry – contact our customer service team, and they'll take good care of you.

Help! My FORM 6 won't turn on.
Though it sounds obvious, the first thing you should check is whether it's out of battery power. You can test it by lifting FORM 6 from its charging base. Its lights will illuminate to indicate battery level. If you see four slow flashes, the battery is fully discharged.

If that doesn't do the trick, check to see whether it has accidentally been locked. If any button is pressed briefly while FORM 6 is locked, the lights will blink rapidly, but it will not start to vibrate. Our Travel Lock feature engages when you press "+" and "~" (the "Mode" button) at the same time for 1.5 seconds. To disengage it, place FORM 6 on the charging base momentarily, or press "+" and "~" at the same time for 1.5 seconds.

If your vibrator still won't turn on, contact Customer Service.

How do I know when it needs to be charged?
When you lift FORM 6 from the charging base, its lights will illuminate to indicate battery level.

  • 3 blinks – high charge
  • 2 blinks – medium charge
  • 1 blink – low charge
  • 4 slow flashes – zero charge

If the battery becomes fully discharged while it is running, the vibration will stop and the lights will flash slowly four times to indicate it needs to be recharged.
For the longest life, it's best to recharge Lithium Ion batteries before they're fully discharged. A good rule of thumb is to leave your vibrator on the Charging Base when it's not in use.

Will it really run for over 5 hours on a single charge?
FORM 6 can run up to 5 hours on a single charge when in its lowest power setting. Higher power levels require more battery power – Constant Mode on the highest power level will discharge the battery the fastest.

How do I use the Digital Travel Lock?
To engages the travel lock, press "+" and "~" (the "Mode" button) at the same time for 1.5 seconds. This makes it impossible for the vibrator to turn on when buttons are pressed. To disengage it, place your FORM on the charging base momentarily, or press "+" and "~" at the same time for 1.5 seconds.