Drawstring Case

Clean, discreet storage and travel for your Jimmyjane vibrator.

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  • Two compartments – One for your vibrator, one for the Charging Base and power cord 
  • Made of premium microfiber – Machine-washable, lint-free and RoHS certified
  • Fits all Jimmyjane vibrators – From ICONIC BULLET to FORM 6

It's time to toss that old makeup bag, tube sock or cigar box. Now, you can store and travel with your FORM vibrator cleanly and discreetly, protecting it from scratches, dust bunnies, and those meddling kids. Best of all, our Drawstring Case features two separate compartments to ensure your vibrator doesn't party with your charger when you're not looking.

  • Material – Premium microfiber
  • Care – Machine washable
  • Dimensions – 8.75" x 8.75"

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