A Darker Shade of Sexy

Seduce and be seduced with this intro to fetish boxed collection for two.

Leave your inhibitions at the door.

  • Leather Blindfold – Remove one sense to heighten another.
  • Leather Cuffs – Experiment with power play
  • Ben Wa Balls – Strength & pleasure
  • Intro to Fetish Booklet – Heat things up with expert tips 

Have you ever been intrigued by power play? In the thrill that comes from taking (or relinquishing) control. Inside this boxed collection, you'll find everything you need for your first foray into fetish play, like bondage, discipline, and submission.

Leather Blindfold

  • Luxurious Materials – Premium lambskin leather with soft silk tie
  • The Perfect Fit – Four feet of silk ribbon

Leather Cuffs

  • Luxurious Materials – Premium lambskin leather with soft silk tie
  • The Perfect Fit – Four feet of silk ribbon

Ben Wa Balls

  • Body-Safe Materials – Beautiful black glass

Fetish Booklet

  • Suggested Uses – Tips for your new accessories

"Christian Grey 101 is basically available with this “A Darker Shade of Sexy” kit from Jimmyjane.” - USA Today

USA Today


Customer Reviews

Okay for use on a woman, but misleading Review by Christy

Note: this review is based on the blindfold and cuffs only. I have not yet tried the glass balls.

This is a nice beginner's bondage set for use on a woman. The reason I say a woman is because the leather part of the cuffs is pretty small. I have slender wrists and they only overlap about half an inch on me. This is disappointing because I had wanted this for use on my husband, and there's no way they go all the way around his wrists, leaving the leather to slip and slide under the ribbons with any movement. The only thing keeping the leather wrapped is the ribbons, so be prepared for some fumbling until you're used to tying these.

Speaking of ribbons, this is part of what I found misleading. The description says "four feet of ribbon for the perfect fit." What it doesn't say, and what the pictures don't make clear, is that it's 4' of ribbon TOTAL per piece, not four feet on each side. This isn't a problem for the blindfold for traditional use, but it is on the cuffs. The cuffs have the leather sewn down the middle of the ribbon, so what you're left with is 2' of ribbon on each side MINUS what it takes to go around the wrist. This leaves just enough ribbon to tie the wrists together, or to posts if you have a small bed. But if you have a king and a person smaller than a NBA player, these ribbons will not reach to tie to any bed posts. Disappointing.

Also disappointing is the mask. The way the ribbons are sewn makes it tough to get a tight seal on the eyes without tying extremely tightly. This is fine if you want to give your partner the chance to peek, but useless if you want true sensory deprivation. Their other mask with the elastic is much better.

What is not disappointing is the quality of the products. The leather is deliciously buttery and soft. No stiffness at all, and feels great against the skin.

BOTTOM LINE: If I were a beginner who was trying out bondage for the first time and wanted this used on me, this would be great, although I would probably still find tying the cuffs fiddly and annoying. If you want this for use on a man, or a person with larger wrists I'd skip it. I'd also skip it if you're really wanting to feel tied up, as the leather tied with ribbon feels easy to slip out of.

(Posted on 5/28/15)

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