Why Size MattersWhy Size Matters

It’s an age old question that plagues the minds of men across the world: “does size matter?” The issue of penis size sends many men on a hunt to increase their girth and extend their lengths because it is a common belief that bigger is better, and even though size does matter, bigger isn’t always better. The question shouldn’t be if size matters but why size matters, and it is important for women to understand this just as much as it is for men. Let’s be realistic for a second. Every woman is shaped differently and no vagina is created equal. A large penis isn’t made to fit every vagina on the face of the Earth, so there will be variations of penis sizes ranging from micro penises to baby forearms and everything in between (the majority of the worldly male population is an average size of 5.5 inches fully erect).

So Why Exactly Does Size matter?

When it comes to having greater sex, the genitals must fit together like puzzle pieces. If a man is well endowed he must be paired with a woman who has a vagina that can accommodate his size. Yes, vaginas are very elastic and can mold to fit the shape of whatever is placed into it (or whatever comes out of it such as another human being), but they too have a limited amount of depth and width. If a woman has a narrow, shorter vagina being with a man that is long and wide will destroy her precious flower. Sexual performance for this type of mix-matched couple will not feel great for either partner and both will leave the sexual experience with a bit of his/her ego bruised (and quite possibly some genital bruising too). Just as puzzle pieces must fit together perfectly for the picture to become clear, genitals must fit together perfectly for sex to be harmonious.

When the genitals are not paired up correctly according to their size, sex can become awkward and uncomfortable. Typically, those who complain about sex being uncomfortable have had experiences with partners who did not fit them properly, and it is unfortunate because a lack of education about this very thing leads people to believe they are simply sexual misfits. The truth is, everyone has the capacity to perform well sexually, but one must be educated about the sexual anatomy and sexual performance in order to be able to reach optimal performance. A woman with a smaller vagina my believe she wants to be paired with a man who is long and has girth, but once in the act she can experience tearing and bruising of the vaginal opening and vaginal walls because her partner is forcing a large pole into a small hole. The only way both partners are going to be able to switch into different positions and perform well in them is by knowing the size and shape of their own genitals and what fits before entering into a sexual encounter.

So there you have it! Size matters because the genitals must fit together properly for sex to be completely enjoyable.