Health Benefits of SemenHealth Benefits of Semen

Men have egos as large as the world we live in, and when it comes to their precious little swimmers men tend to be proud of what they produce at the height of their orgasms. Men love when women embrace every part of them, so when it comes to embracing semen the expectancy is no different. Whenever a woman rejects a man’s advances to embrace the jizz, he rebuts with a smart remark that semen is actually good for you, and as funny as it may sound this rebuttal holds a certain amount of truth to it. Whether committing to finishing the act during oral sex or allowing the flow of milky goodness to come into your world semen has a few health benefits that may surprise even the most educated of woman.

So What Are Some Of These Health Benefits of Semen One Speaks Of?

For starters, semen is jam packed with protein which is great for muscle building for the woman who desires to get into the best shape of her life (of course it would take a substantial amount of semen to be ingested to “bulk up”.) Need a pick me up out of those depressive states? Researchers have found that semen acts as an anti-depressant when it comes into contact with the vagina. Ingesting of this substance also brings on the same zen qualities (think of semen as a chill pill). Headaches and body aches can be reduced by using semen as well. According to scientific study, semen deposited into the vagina can act as a pain reducer ushering away tension within the body (definitely a less expensive way to get rid of pain…have sex instead of spending dollars on pain meds). Looking for a way to keep flawless skin and reduce the sign of wrinkles? Semen acts as an anti-aging agent helping to tighten the skin because of the protein and zinc it contains. All it takes is one semen facial a week and wrinkles can be kissed goodbye, but just don’t take my word for it; ask 51 year old actress Heather Locklear who swears by the treatment. There are many more health benefits of semen including improvement in concentration, memory and an increase in quality of sleep. If these benefits aren’t enough to convince one to embrace one to embrace semen, then what is? Try it sometime; after all what can it hurt to experiment with healthy bodily fluids? Just make sure no STDs are present before doing so.