It’s almost February, which means Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. With the elevated expectations of this holiday, it’s natural to want to skip it altogether. Don’t fret – while concocting the perfect celebration can seem like alchemy, here are a few simple guidelines that will significantly increase your chances of coming out golden.

Be decisive – Wear the pants, and take initiative – tell your significant other that you’d like to make the plans for some or all of the day. Plan ahead – Last minute arrangements will stress you out, cost you more, and be second-rate. Get creative – Believe it or not, it IS the thought that counts. If you’re going to give a card, make it yourself. If you’re going to give flowers, select and arrange them yourself – you know your lover better than the florist (we hope). Singletask – On this day, of all days, focus on the two of you. Turn off the cell. Ignore America’s next top model strutting by. Don’t pick a fight with the cabbie. Make it fun – Use the Gift Wizard to make finding the ideal gift a fun, stress-free experience – with a (very) pleasurable pay off. RECIPES FOR DISASTER Valentine’s tattoo. This tips over the edge from memorable to regrettable. Double date. It’s not prom. Kittens, puppies, etc. There will be heavy petting, but it will not involve you. Roses. Nothing says, “I put next-to-no thought into this,” like a bouquet of red roses. Looking for more ideas? Download our complete Better Than Roses Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.