Sexual Health Expo

Jimmyjane presents the first upscale event dedicated to sexual wellness! Take ownership over your own sex education and ignite your sex life!

 What is SHE?

SHE is the first ever sex exposition for consumers, where SHE goers can experience a safe environment and learn the latest facts about sex and intimacy.

 “Featuring today’s leaders in sex, intimacy and romance, SHE will deliver a crash course in understanding modern sexual relationships with must-attend workshops and captivating intimacy product showcases- all with the chic backdrop of the stylish Sofitel Hotel in West Hollywood. SHE will showcase the best from the world of sexual wellness with top experts as your guides. SHE’s exhibition area will allow you to immerse yourself in the exploration of today’s top intimacy products with fun product demos and exclusive special events alongside like-minded singles and couples. “


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