Study: older is sexy

A new study has shown that women in their 40s are far more likely to have sex on a first date.

While only 17% of women in their 20s go all the way on the first go-round, as many as 29% of forty-somethings cut right to the chase. Undoubtedly, there are many reasons behind this discrepancy. However, it does remind us of something a Jimmyjane friend once said: “Sex is wasted on young people who couldn't find their G-spot if it was in the middle of their forehead.” While this is a bizarre image to contemplate, she had a point – with age comes sexual self-awareness. Once you know what you want (and where and how fast), it's much easier to go after it, and far more satisfying when you get it. Incidentally, studies also show that 100% of women go all the way on their first date with FORM 2. But we'll save that for another posting.