Spread the Word: Porna

Um, excuse us while we move to the Netherlands, immediately – so we can tune into Dusk, a TV station that broadcasts round-the-clock pornography for women. While the notion of women-focused erotica isn't exactly new – Candida Royalle, Andrew Blake and Comstock Films all have their own take – Dusk is on a mission to make it less of an outlier in the hyper-masculine world of traditional porn. They've even coined a new word for it: porna. According to Dusk Founder Martijn Boersma in an article in the GlobalPost, "porna" is characterized by explicit, respectful, realistic sex that is embedded in a storyline. The kicker is that Dusk doesn't presume to know what women want – they actually host an online panel, in which Dusk viewers can give feedback on the shows. Dusk adjusts their scheduling and content accordingly. Brilliant! Though only three years old, Dusk has found huge success in the Netherlands, and it's no wonder – studies showed that over half of Dutch women watched porn, and 78% would welcome a women-focused porn channel. Can someone please conduct that study over here in the States? When can we get a Dusk? While there may not be much we can do to help Boersma with his goal to take ladyporn mainstream, perhaps we can all chip in on one of his other missions – getting the word "porna" into the dictionary. If we all slip "porna" into casual conversation at least once a day, we'll be off to a good start, as in –

"You know what would pair well with this Petit Syrah? Porna."

"You know what would really round out NBC Thursdays? Porna."

You get the idea.