Sexy Gifts Aren't Just for Lovers

Good friends deserve the gift of love too, be it self-love if they're single, or safe-love if they're out and about. If, for example, a particular friend is bemoaning the lack of lasciviousness in her life, then either THE NIGHT OFF or THE REBOUND pleasure sets could offer just the pick-me-up she needs. Or, if you have a single friend who often travels for business (and tends to have adventures along the way), a few ESSENTIALS Pocket Pleasure Sets for safer sex on-the-go would be a prudent choice. Of course, it's important to follow certain guidelines in order to avoid awkwardness, embarrassment, confusion… or a toxic cocktail of all three.

Your friend may be a viable sexy-gift-recipient, IF –
  • You regularly discuss your love lives (or lack thereof) in detail.
  • Your gift could in no way be misconstrued as an advance by you (unless that's your intention).
  • Your friendship is independent of any professional relationship (hello, sexual harassment).
  • Your friend has an open mind...
  • ...and a healthy sense of humor.
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