Have you talked to your grandmother about masturbation lately? Probably not, unless your grandmother is Joani Blank – founder of Good Vibrations and collector of vintage vibrators.

Blank’s extensive collection has just been integrated with her company’s to form San Francisco’s first Antique Vibrator Museum. This small gallery is located in the rear of the Good Vibrations Polk Street store. The museum features an eclectic assortment dating back to 1890. Dr. Carol Queen, Staff Sexologist, can give you a historical tour that highlights the invention and functions of early vibrators. The sordid past of the world’s favorite sex accessory – and one of the first domestic electric appliances – gives a unique perspective of the history of female health and sexuality, from the Victorian era to the women’s liberation movement. Where did they find these relics? Mostly at garage sales and from customers cleaning out their grandparents’ attics. Perhaps it’s time to ask grandma about her own collection. You never know, you just might unearth a little piece of electro-mechanical history. Check out the Grand Opening event at the Antique Vibrator Museum this Thursday, April 12th, then peruse the modern delights offered in the store. We can’t promise that our FORM 2 will “Relieve Pain and Give Strength,” but it will definitely deliver the pleasure.