Depending on who you ask, women can have anywhere from one to seven different types of orgasms. Here are what some well-known specialists have claimed about the mysterious phenomenon of female pleasure.

Sigmund Freud and the Immature Orgasm. Freud believed that there are two types of orgasm – clitoral and vaginal – and that each is linked to a different level of psychological wellness. He saw vaginal/penetrative orgasms as indicating good health, and clitoral orgasms as evidence of immaturity and stunted emotional development. Er, thanks Siggy.

Alfred Kinsey and Orgasm Equality. Luckily, our understanding of orgasm has improved since Freud. In the 1950s, the famed Kinsey Report cited extensive research in its claim there is only one kind of orgasm. Whether you’re into the clitoris, G-spot or anus, it all takes you to the same place. While the sensations might feel different, the biological mechanisms at work are all the same.

Betty Dodson, Orgasm Doctor. Sex therapist Dr. Betty Dodson began to teach women how to reach orgasm in the early 70s, giving her ample insight into the subtleties of different orgasmic sensations. In her book, Orgasm For Two, Dodson lists a whopping seven(!) different types of orgasm, including the following –

Pressure Orgasm – This happens when you exert pressure on the clitoris, such as by crossing the legs. Try this one at the dinner table.
Tension Orgasm – Results from stimulating the clitoris while clenching the muscles of the body. This very common type of orgasm is experienced as a powerful release of built-up tension.
Relaxation Orgasm – The spa of orgasms. It requires clitoral stimulation and the relaxation of the muscles of the body. The orgasm gradually builds as the body relaxes.
G-Spot Orgasm – Results from stimulation of the sensitive tissue one to three inches inside and on the front wall of the vagina.
Blended Orgasm – Results from simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation, and is often described as more intense than a clitoral orgasm.
Multiple Orgasm – A series of separate orgasms that follow one another in waves. This is different from the “aftershocks” of a strong, single orgasm.
Fantasy Orgasm – Look Ma, no hands. A very small percentage of women claim that they can reach orgasm through mental stimulation only. Lucky ladies.

Of course, we have our own list of types of orgasms, including the FORM 2 orgasm, the FORM 3 orgasm, the FORM 4gasm, the FORM 6 orgasm... You get the idea.