It’s Leap Day – the day that arrives just once every four years. Societies have traditionally made special allowances on February 29th. Its relative infrequency gives us all a carte blanche to do things a little differently, mix it up, and enjoy the results.

One such tradition involves popping the proverbial question. Irish tradition dictates that Leap Day is the one day that women are allowed to propose marriage to men. According to legend, Saint Patrick and Saint Bridget made this feminist deal (long before feminism existed) in order to balance traditional gender roles in the same way that Leap Day balances the calendar. Additionally, the tradition dictates that if a man turns down a woman’s proposal on Leap Day, he is required to buy her a pair of gloves (some countries say 12 pairs). This is presumably to help her hide the shame of not wearing an engagement ring. Of course, we now live in a modern world in which it’s acceptable for women to propose to their beaus (or belles) any day of the year. But how many actually do? Not many. A measly 9% of proposals come from women, according to this article. At Jimmyjane, we’re all about women asking for (and getting) exactly what they want. So, if you’re a woman and there’s a special someone in your life, stop waiting for him to act. Today is your day. Get down on your knee and go for it. If you’re not ready to wear a ring just yet, you can always ask him to wear one of ours.
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