You may have noticed that most people that you pass on the street – perhaps all of them – are covered in a soft, malleable substance known as clothing. What is the purpose of said clothing? To keep us warm, certainly. To shelter us from the sun’s damaging rays. To protect us from the elements. However, there’s much more to it than that. Clothing denotes culture and class. It can communicate interests, self-image and of course, fashion (see last week's post). But clothing is also a shield, hiding our true appearance from all but a select few. As the German website, explains, “Clothing is our second skin. It disguises [or] reveals. It can reflect our innermost being, or conceal it.” Scroll through these images of human beings of all shapes and sizes with their clothes on and their clothes off. Our general impression is that, save for a few tattoos and a little extra body fat here and there, we’re mostly all the same underneath. What’s yours?