While the close proximity and tangled limbs of most sexual positions can yield amazing sensations, they can seriously limit your view.

Not to worry – that’s where mirrors come in. A strategically placed reflection allows you and your partner to play exhibitionist and voyeur simultaneously. From the flirty oval of The Unbearable Lightness of Being, to the ceiling mounted Basic Instinct approach, mirrors are an easy way to capture the action in real time. Catch subtle expressions or the curve of a spine. The motion of muscles can add an entirely new dimension to the experience. The view of your own body responding has the potential to be equally exciting. Not sure how to start? Try inviting your partner to watch while you take your clothes off in front of a mirror. Dim the lights or use candles for a flattering glow. Or, if you’re feeling confident, keep the lights bright and revel in full exposure. Take turns facing the mirror so each partner can play both the observer and the observed. See where your strip tease takes you. If you start to feel shy, you can always close your eyes. What kind of mirror should you buy? That depends on what angles and views best suit your purposes. A set of simple IKEA mirrors offers multiple (and affordable) perspectives. When shopping for larger mirrors, consider your bedroom’s aesthetic and whether you want your sexual intent to be obvious or obfuscated. If you’re interested in full-body views, but don’t want to live in a hall of mirrors, consider a design that folds shut behind a set of doors. For some (particularly those new to sexual narcissism) it’s preferable to leave a bit to the imagination. If you fit this description, a small compact mirror is great for random peeks and close-ups. If you’d like the full view offered by a large mirror, but would prefer it in soft-focus, try applying a matte film or a “frost” spray to the surface. If you have too much money stuffed into your mattress and would like a more technologically advanced abstraction of your activities, consider having Daniel Rozin install a kinetic wooden mirror in your home. The most dramatic option is, of course, the overhead mirror. While it may not be the most subtle or sophisticated of decorating touches, it’s undeniably functional. If you go this route, be sure to mount the mirror very securely and to use a non-glass mirror in a lighter frame. (You want your view to be exciting, but not dangerous.) If you’re not looking to have the Honeymoon Suite look every night, there are some detachable options so that you can save the birds-eye-view for special occasions. Whether you’re a mirror aficionado or new to the idea, we’re curious to hear your reflections. (Get it? “Reflections.” So clever!)