Put on your Prada and grab your Gucci; it’s fashion week in New York City. Starting yesterday, the world’s biggest fashion designers are gathering in Manhattan to display their latest collections. It’s the week that determines what’s “in” and what’s “out” for the coming season. So what’s "in" right now? Lesbians, apparently. Whether in a catalog for JC Penny or a full-page magazine spread for Barneys, girl-on-girl action seems to be the marketing trend. Barneys fall campaign (pictured here) features two female models, Arizona Muse and Magda Laguinge. The shots aren’t completely explicit – they have no children together (as in the JC Penny ads), nor are they making out. But, as Barneys creative director, Dennis Freedman, explains to WWD, "they’re clearly meant to be lovers." So, it looks like the lesbian community went from being an oppressed minority to the chique new way to sell clothes. Is this advancement for the gay community or is this offensive objectification? What do you think?