Sex For SeniorsIs 69 the New 49? There are quite a few things that begin to change as we become older: our vision, our hearing and our speech changes. Even our sex lives and desires for sex alter as we grow more golden in our years, and many people believe that older age means a stale or lack luster sex life, but in actuality this is the furthest from the truth! Did you know that the average person reaches their sexual peak in their 40’s? It’s true I telsel you! All of the jackrabbit pumping, chandelier swinging, stunt like sex may be for those younger folks who have the flexibility and stamina to do so, but with maturity comes experience and awareness of self and an understanding of true satisfaction and how to get there.

See, in our youth, we are so eager to jump into sex with no type of roadmap or idea about where we are headed. We are curious individuals who have been newly sexually charged and we think we know everything there is to know about sex since we’ve seen it on a few movies or have heard our more “experienced” friends speak about it. However, in our youth we simply participate in penis and vagina sex where object A is inserted into slot B, we roll around like two mad people racing towards a finish line and then call it a night after huffing and puffing wondering, in fact, “did I orgasm, and what does it feel like”?

Remember? Well for those who may be approaching those golden years or for those who are now living in them, the good news is that those fun and exciting sexual experiences of your youth aren’t a thing of the past because as you age the sex gets greater and greater! All you have to do is make a commitment to yourself to learn your sexual anatomy and to have fun during it! Give yourself permission to play and to experience your sexuality in comfort. In your youth, your body was foreign to you, but as you age you gain an awareness of your body and how it works and you begin to feel sexy and comfortable in your skin. Embrace your maturity! It is what will make your sex life mature, and that confidence will give you the springboard you need to deeply enjoy your erotic hours every time.