How to Get More Bang for Your Gifting Buck

Diamonds can be anyone's best friend (or bedfellow), whether they're hanging on a necklace or embedded in an Everlasting Vibrator. Of course, for most of us, times are still tough – and if money can't buy you love, it certainly can't buy you genuine, unbridled passion. Fear not, there's no need to dedicate a month's pay to any gift, provocative or otherwise. You can opt for an aphrodisiac Massage Oil Candle, a body-safe Vibrating Ring, a discreet Bullet, or even some high-design, high-end condoms – all are under $35.

For an additional twist, consider a D.I.Y. element – write up an IOU for a full-hour body massage, knit a colorful cozy for a beloved sex accessory, or offer an opportunity to try that thing they've always been curious about. (E.g, if spanking is their secret fantasy, wrap up a ping pong paddle with an explanatory note – written in your best cursive, of course.) Any of these options still serve the higher purpose of a suggestive gift – to introduce new provocative possibilities – and they do so at a fraction of the cost. Which bring us to Eternal Truth #73 – a gift from the heart is more valuable than one that lightened the wallet. Cliché though it may be, it really is the thought that counts. Looking for more ideas? Download our complete guide on How to Give Pleasure or try our Interactive Gift Wizard to find the perfect present.