Devoting extra thought, effort and creativity to what we do for the person sharing our pillow and playtime can really pay off – after all, the couple that plays together stays together. Please Your Woman

1. Chain reaction – She’s already expecting something on Valentine’s Day (no surprise there), so instead, give her a series of small gifts that build up to the main event. 2. Hard bargain – Take her off guard by offering two irresistible options. Massages are an easy favorite, or you can use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to push the boundaries a bit further. After she chooses, write her an IOU for the path not taken – it’s an investment that will offer unexpected dividends. 3. Tickle her fancy – If you haven’t already, try introducing a vibrator – you might find it adds a new dimension for you both. Selecting your first vibrator can be a daunting task – make it easier by reading up on these Tips for Guys. Please Your Man 1. Jump the gun – This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, so we recommend cooking up a weekend preview (and leaving the 14th to him). Kick it off with breakfast in bed – complete with supplies (and amusements) so you can stay there as long as he’d like. 2. Afternoon delight – Let’s be frank, what he wants most for Valentine’s Day doesn’t cost a dime. If he’s looking forward to evening festivities, why not treat him to “lunch”, and ambush him at high noon? He won’t know what hit him, but he’ll definitely like it. 3. Surprise surprise – If you’ve fallen into a pattern, not to worry – Valentine’s Day is a great time to mix things up. Seize the opportunity to do or ask for things that you’ve never tried before – he’ll embrace the variety, and you may surprise yourself with a new favorite. Looking for more ideas? Check out our Interactive Gift Wizard to find the provocative Valentine’s Day gift you’re looking for.