We’ve always been big fans of sex columnist Dan Savage and his no-nonsense style when it comes to doling out the advice on everything from relationships to masturbation to bestiality. His open and honest approach is both refreshing and, at times, hilarious. We were especially pleased with the advice he gave out last week in his Savage Love column in The Stranger. A 20-year-old woman wrote to him explaining that she’d been with the same guy for five years and she’d never had an orgasm until she finally tried using a vibrator. However, she is scared to tell her boyfriend about the purchase (and its success). Dan’s advice – Tell your boyfriend you bought a vibrator. If the boyfriend is sad about your purchase—and your ability to climax (congrats!)—tell him that some women require the kind of intense, focused stimulation that only a vibrator can provide in order to get off, and, as it turns out, you're one of those women. And he can still be the first person to give you an orgasm: He can give you one with a vibrator in his hand. And if he acts like an insecure bitch about it, CWF, if he blows up or melts down, well... New vibrator, newly orgasmic—maybe it's time for a new boyfriend, too?   Photo credit: Interview Magazine