As a Jimmyjane blog reader, you’ve probably seen the articles about our founder, Ethan Imboden, and how he got into the vibrator biz in the first place. But, have you ever thought about how his mother might feel? Well, now you can read all about it, in the New York Times post by Joy Overstreet Imboden (AKA, “Mom” to Ethan). In this honest account, Overstreet discusses how she went from a prudish Boston upbringing to investing in (and helping with) her son’s vibrator business. Sweet, right? Reactions to the article range from “awe” to “ew,” as you can read in Jezebel’s response to the article. Jezebel seems into it. The folks who commented below, not so much. What do you think of giving your mom a personally engraved vibrator for her birthday? Let us know.