national nude dayHow to Celebrate National Nude Day

Today, July 14, is National Nude Day and as you can imagine, you don’t need much time to prepare. Whether you’re an exhibitionist or more on the discreet side, there are plenty of different ways to let loose on this stripped-down holiday.

Do What You Want With Your Body – Tips For The Exhibitionist

You love your body, and you don’t care who sees it! Ok well, maybe not EVERYONE needs to see the birthmark on your inner thigh, but rounding up the right group can turn this holiday into one you’ll be celebrating for years to come.

Tropic-Themed Nude Party

Did you know that in some parts of the tropics, indigenous nudity still exists? Even though this way of life is all but extinct, consider grabbing some friends and celebrate the beauty of the human body at a tropic-themed party. Create fun tropic-inspired drinks like mojitos, Mai Tais, Hurricanes, Blue Hawaiians, and Bahama Mamas. After a few drinks, don’t be surprised if somebody get lei’d!

Sunset Skinny Dip

Whether you live in a big city or a more suburban setting, chances are you live near a body of water (a lake or ocean will do). Strip down as the sun begins to set onto the horizon, then, make a run for the water! What better way to cool off on a hot summer night with someone special? Enjoy the sunset from the water in your birthday suit tonight!

Private Collection – Ideas for The Discreet

Understandably, not everyone is into the free for all that is National Nude Day. For some, this skin-only soiree is better celebrated behind closed doors.

Recreate ESPN’s Body Issue

ESPN’s Magazine’s Annual Body Issue celebrates all kinds of human shapes in their purest forms – nude. Today’s holiday is a perfect opportunity to create your own intimate Body Collection with a significant other. Set up tasteful shots that highlight the aspects of your body that you love. Play around with a camera – or your camera phone – to capture interesting angles. Use this as an opportunity to see yourself or someone you love in a brand new way. Set up a self-timer to take pictures together, but don’t be surprised if this activity strays away from hands free!

Feel the Breeze at Home

Some of the best holiday celebrations are the simplest ones. First, grab your favorite six-pack or bottle of wine on your way home. Second, get naked. Third, grab a drink and get comfortable. Now its time to relax, and entertain yourself (don’t forget to keep your favorite toy handy), by watching TV, reading your favorite book or listening to music in the nude. Feel a nice, refreshing breeze where the sun doesn’t normally shine, and enjoy a private evening with no clothes.

There are many different ways to celebrate National Nude Day. Make sure to find a way that’s true to who you are, then, let it all hang out tonight!