Helen Gurley Brown first became famous for authoring the book, “Sex and the Single Girl.” This precocious book---encouraging women to have all the sex they desired---was published long before the writers of “Sex and the City” had even hit puberty. It was through this, and through her 32 years as the editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine, that Ms. Brown stretched and broke the boundaries of women's roles and stereotypes from the 1960's on. She died on Monday in Manhattan, at age 90. Ms. Brown was a self-proclaimed feminist. It was she who introduced open discussions of sex into women’s magazines. Whether she furthered or hindered the women's liberation movement is still much debated. One thing that cannot be debated that she Brown was a shrewd business woman. When she started at Cosmo in 1965, it had a circulation of less than 800,000. By the mid 80s, circulation was close to three million. Helen Gurley Brown is credited with one of our favorite quotes: "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere." And for that, among her other accomplishments and influences, we will miss her. Read more about her phenomenal life in this NY Times article.   Photo Credit: NY Magazine