We like to sing the praises of our new FORM 6 G3… about how it's powerful and waterproof, how it lasts for over six hours with our cordless recharging technology and how it's completely body-safe and phthalate-free. But the compliments mean so much more when they come from external experts. From Cosmo – #1 Best New Sex Toy of 2013… Form 6 G3 “The latest version is tricked out for travel with a Universal Adapter, a travel lock so it won't go off in your bag (thank you!), a portable charging base, and a cute little case so the TSA can leave something to the imagination.Read the article, or go buy FORM 6 G3 and make your own judgment call. The people behind Fleshbot, the NSFW porn review site, have also spent the past year reviewing and rating sex toys from all types of companies. Turns out they’re on the same page as Cosmo.
From Fleshbot – “ All of JimmyJane’s creativity can be found in the sleek curves of this dual-end toy as well as the badass engine inside it. You can’t go wrong with this thing.”
We’ll put the link here, but be forewarned, this is not a family-appropriate site.