The conversation around female masturbation is changing... venues. According to the Tokyo Reporter, it's moved out of women's apartments (over a glass of wine) and into bars (over a glass of wine). After all, what goes better with vibrator talk than booze? Japan has opened the first masturbation-themed bar. Love Joule, located in Tokyo's bustling Shibuya district, features an assortment of colorful vibrators behind the bar in the place where you'd normally see an assortment of colorful liquor bottles. (Fact for the day: an indulgence in masturbation instead of alcohol is 100% less likely to result in a hangover the next morning.) Proprietor Megumi Nakagawa created the bar as a safe space for women to openly discuss their sexual preferences and turn-ons. Men are allowed in, but not without a female chaperone. This bar is an example of Japan's new eagerness to do away with the stigma surrounding female masturbation. (This, from the country that brings us the portable flushing noise gadget so no one can hear you pee.) This masturbation bar may be the first bar with vibrators, but it's not the first to bring an open discussion of sexual pleasure into social establishments. San Francisco is home to a cafe centered around the BDSM community. New York's East Village opened (and closed) a V-shaped bar called Lava Gina (perhaps they should have offered vibrators to keep their doors open?). So what do you think - is Japan ahead of this trend? Or behind it?