Did you catch last week’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County?” If you did, you saw a brief but memorable cameo appearance by our very own FORM 3. It seems these Housewives just can’t stay away (the same team sampled Jimmyjane wares at Fred Segal just a couple seasons ago). A little plot background before you watch the clip to the left – Tamra and Gretchen, two of the “Housewives,” are trying to grow their friendship. And what better way to strengthen their BFF bond than shopping for sex accessories? Tamra seems uncharacteristically shy when she enters the sex shop, but CJ, her friend and the shop owner, quickly puts her at ease, sharing her array of products and their benefits. “I don’t have sex toys,” announces Tamra with… embarrassment? Pride? It’s hard to read expression through all the faux tan and bleach-blonde hair. CJ demonstrates FORM 3, flexing its amplifying touchpad with her finger and pointing out how it looks like a tongue. It gets the girls so excited, they drop it on the ground. Watch the clip from Bravo by clicking on the image.