Can Yoga Improve Sex?Can Yoga Increase Sexual Performance?

Yoga can be quite difficult for the beginner seeking to become an experienced yogi, but once the basics are mastered and the body gets used to being in folded and twisted positions, one can gain several benefits from the exercise including an enhancement in sexual performance. Working out daily helps to increase libido by releasing endorphins into the blood stream and by balancing hormones necessary for striking up sexual desire and prompting reproduction, and yoga has these same capabilities and more. Focused breathing is one of the key components of yoga that allow those participating to remain in focused concentration when in difficult positions and this same type of breathing is needed during sex. Breathing into a stretch to bring oxygen to the muscles allows a participant to feel the stretch more deeply, and this same type of deeply feeling can be brought into sex with focused and concentrated breathing. One of the main issues women have during sex is reaching orgasm, and improper breathing and “living in the head” are major contributors to the inability to reach the big O. By focusing on the breath and concentrating on sending the energy of that breath down to the pelvis and into the genitals will help to awaken the clitoris in a major way. Beyond the latter benefits of yoga, certain positions provide enhancing benefits to sexual performance beyond increasing flexibility:


downward dog yoga sex

Downward Dog

This position places the body in an inverted position with the bum in the air and the head pointing towards the ground giving the hamstrings a good stretch. This position can help to relax the muscles needed when performing in cowgirl position.




upward dog yoga sex



Upward Dog

Upward dog places the body in an arc position on the floor that gives the back a good stretch and helps with increasing its arching ability which is great for avoiding the ugly hump in the back often associated with doggie style.




cow pose yoga sex


Cow Pose

Cow pose requires for the performer to position herself on all fours and to arch the back as she pulls her belly button towards the floor. This is also another great position for training the back and pelvis to fit perfectly in doggie style. Certain standing poses such as warrior pose and lunges cause the PC muscles within the pelvis to contract, acting as a yoga version of kegels. Building these muscles enable the body to experience stronger orgasms.




Practicing yoga also helps to put the mind in a zen state, allowing the cluttered minds of women to become less clouded and prepared to focus on the sexual experience. Anxiety is one of the leading causes of poor sexual performance so consistent practice of yoga will aid in maintaining a healthy mental state. Start with the simple poses and work your way to the more difficult ones and enhance your sex life today!