Aural Fixation

Music to Tune the Mood

Music taps into our emotions and when it's passion we're looking to harness, the right song can send pleasure from your ears to below the waist. Here are a few recent releases – and their accompanying visuals – that caught our attention. Apparently black & white videos are in? Try them as foreplay or as a soundtrack. "Get Some" by Lykke Li This one's packed with role-playing potential. Imagine your partner working extra hard to please, and contemplate your options for returning the favor. If you're liking the Lykke, you might also like to download Beck's remix here. "You" by CREEP ft Nina Sky Four ladies who getright to the point – "Can I get a taste of you? Thirsty for everything you do." Knock yourself out. "House of Balloons" by The Weeknd Life outside the bedroom is full of moments where one must weigh needs versus wants, but in sex, these often blur into one, hot romp. Expand your horizons and explore someone else's sexual to-do list. This track is only one of nine from The Weeknd's "House of Balloons" mixtape – click here for a free download of the whole deal. What songs have been getting into your pants lately?