Shopping in Manhattan just got more creative thanks to our friend Rachel Shechtman’s new retail concept – STORY. This 2,000 square foot gallery-like space opened its doors in February with the theme of love, merchandising Jimmyjane products beside brands ranging from Vosges Chocolates to Tom’s Shoes.

Shechtman’s vision is to integrate brand narratives in a meaningful way, and she’s off to a great start. “Love Story” featured many of our favorite couples-oriented products including FORM Vibrators, AFTERGLOW Massage Oil Candles, and ESSENTIALS Pocket Pleasure Sets from Jimmyjane, alongside PACT underwear, Sir Richard’s Condoms, and more. Shechtman’s own brand identity is worth a closer look as well – she tapped design impresario Stefan Sagmeister to create the modular system that adapts to embrace each new theme. Keep an eye on this 10th Ave. retail experience, we’re confident it will continue to deliver on its promise of “changing like a gallery and selling like a store.”