How to Travel with your Vibrator

How to Travel with your Vibrator

When you pack your bag, dont forget the essentials – passport, sunscreen, and your favorite vibrator. Jimmyjane vibrators are the perfect accessories for bringing pleasure to any business trip, vacation or spontaneous getaway.

Follow these tips to sail through airport security and make your adventure a satisfying one.

Keep calm and Carry-on

Bringing a vibrator on your carry-on luggage is the only way to guarantee that your beloved companion won't disappear. Baggage screeners may not know what it is and remove it just to be safe.

Remove the batteries.

If possible, remove the batteries. This is the surefire way to prevent your vibrator from accidentally turning on during transit and discharging all its battery power. Place your batteries in a plastic bag and store them separately from the vibrator casing.

Engage the lock feature.

If you're traveling with a rechargeable vibrator, check if it has a lock feature. This will prevent it from turning on, even if its buttons are accidentally pressed. Jimmyjanes FORM Vibrators can all be locked.

7" Maximum

Choose products that are small and/or discreetly designed. Small vibrators are perfect for travel, as they can be stashed just about anywhere.

Though TSA squashed reports of a 7" limit, they have recommended people stay clear of packing larger "club-like" pleasure products in their carry on.

Hide your friend.

Pack it between other items. Rather than let your vibrator roam freely in your carry-on or luggage, pack it in a carrying case. FORM 6 and FORM 4 can be discretely tucked into your toiletry bag or a shoe. Should your bag get searched, this will buy you time to quietly explain that you're carrying a sex accessory, and ask that your bag be searched in private.

Answer honestly.

If questioned, answer honestly. While it may be tempting to insist your vibrator is really a pencil, chew toy or marching band baton, lying could land you in hot water. Keep it brief and straightforward. And relax – security personnel have seen it all before. Once they realize what that curious little gadget is, they'll most likely send you on your merry way.