The Jimmyjane Jet Set

Feel free to move about the cabin.

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  • Private Jet – 4 hours of flight time for you and up to 3 of your closest libertines on an Embraer Phenom 100.
  • Jimmyjane Travel Set – A customized Zero Halliburton Flight Case containing a FORM 2, FORM 3, FORM 4, FORM 6 and LITTLE STEEL.
  • Travel Amenities – From Sir Richard's Condoms to a WINK Blindfold and Sleep Mask, everything you'll need to arrive safely and well rested.
  • In-Flight Entertainment – Emmanuelle on screen (opening scene: she enjoys her own "in-flight entertainment"), and Treats! magazine, right where the SkyMall used to be.
  • Peanuts – And almonds, macadamias, pistachios, champagne and Gummy Bears.
  • Jimmyjane Wings – Commemorate your journey.

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Whoever coined the term "Mile High Club" simply wasn't aiming high enough. Board our jet and cruise in style (at an altitude of 7 miles) to the destination of your choice. Appointed with your pleasure in mind, the aircraft comes fitted with adult in-flight entertainment, and one of each of our award-winning Jimmyjane vibrators, packed securely in a custom Zero Halliburton Flight Case. Who said the glamour was gone from air travel?


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