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The Discovery

Three ways to simmer down... and get worked up.

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Regular Price: $200.00

Special Price: $160.00

Select one vibrator –

  • FORM 2 – Two motors for twice the intensity
  • FORM 3 – Responsive Touchpad for focused vibration
  • FORM 4 – Powerful vibration in a flexible body
  • FORM 5 – Pleasure times three.  For her. For him. For us.

Accompanied by –

  • AFTERGLOW – Special Edition Cocoa Fig
  • CONTOUR M – Double sided massage stone

 Year End Event


Let the seduction unfold with this complete multisensory set. AFTERGLOW sets the mood with a special edition scent. Burn it as a candle, then snuff the flame and drizzle the warm oil into the underside of the CONTOUR M. This double-sided Ceramic Massage Stone glides over the skin for broad strokes or multi-point stimulation. Add power to your explorations with a vibrator from our award winning PLEASURE TO THE PEOPLE Series, and you're sure to have a happy ending.


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Suggested Uses

FORM 2 Suggested Uses

  • Hold FORM 2 so that the ears are on either side of the clitoris, labia, or other pleasurable area. Stroke, squeeze the ears together, or simply stay still and let the vibrations do the work.
  • Slide FORM 2 up and down between the labia. Vary the motion so that one or both ears periodically comes in contact with the clitoris.
  • Hold FORM 2 at the base of the two ears so that with a little squeeze you can push the two of them together to stimulate the clitoris or other parts of the body, where you might usually like a nibble.
  • Take FORM 2 into the bathtub with you and make waves (of pleasure). Bring the tips of the two ears close to the clitoris (or other sensitive parts of the body). The water between the two ears comes to life, transmitting the vibrations to your skin. You may find that you can have an orgasm without ever coming in direct contact.
  • For more gentle vibration, use the lower portion of FORM 2 (below the ears).

FORM 3 Suggested Uses

Feel free to experiment with what feels best – every surface of FORM 3 is designed for full-body contact.

For Her

  • Cradle FORM 3 in the palm and extend the Touchpad with your finger or fingers, then stroke the clitoris, labia or other pleasurable spots.
  • Use the tip or lip of FORM 3 to apply strong, targeted vibration to the clitoris.
  • Hold FORM 3 so that the underside of the indented Touchpad lays flat across the clitoris, or flip it over (so the controls face the body) and use it to cup the area around the clitoris for a “suction” sensation.
  • Slide FORM 3 sideways between the labia to stimulate multiple areas at once.

For Us

  • Add water-based lubricant to FORM 3 for a “vibrating tongue” sensation.
  • Take turns during foreplay – hold FORM 3 in the palm, then extend the Touchpad with the finger, using it to stroke the penis, testicles or perineum on him; the clitoris and labia on her.
  • Cradle FORM 3 in the palm and cup the Touchpad around the testicles or penis (for him) or the clitoris (for her).
  • Stroke the perineum with the Touchpad or let the lip vibrate freely against it.
  • Hold FORM 3 between your bodies during sex so that the lip vibrates against her clitoris and his penis at the same time.

FORM 4 Suggested Uses

Hold any surface of FORM 4 against the clitoris, labia or other external areas. The strongest sensations are delivered at the tip.

  • Place FORM 4 lengthwise between the labia to stimulate multiple areas at once.
  • Insert FORM 4 into the vagina for internal stimulation. FORM 4 is just flexible enough to be both comfortable and pleasurable, while adapting the curves of the body.
  • Press the tip of FORM 4 against the front wall of the vagina to find the G-Spot. You can apply pressure or rock back and forth to stimulate this sensitive area.
  • Because FORM 4 is quite powerful, those new to vibration should start with the lowest intensity setting (press "+" once) and their way up. Too much intensity won’t hurt, but it can be a little overwhelming.

CONTOUR M Suggested Uses

CONTOUR M is designed for versatility, and is great for application across the whole body. Try these different techniques, then create your own. Go with what feels good.

  • Large Dome 
    – Position CONTOUR M in your hand so that the large dome is face down on the body. When used in this position, the pressure is distributed across a large surface, offering a broader, shallower contact with the body. This is good for broad strokes across larger areas of the body. This creates a similar effect to using your palms to give a massage.
  • Multi-Node
    – Place the four small nodes face down, toward the body. When used in this position, the pressure is concentrated to smaller areas, offering multi-point stimulation of the muscle. This creates a similar effect to using all of your fingertips to give a massage, but is much less tiring for the fingers.
  • Single Node
    – Position CONTOUR M in your hand so that a single small node makes contact with the body. This focuses the pressure on a very small area, allowing the deepest stimulation of the muscle. This creates an effect that’s similar to using your thumbs to give a massage, but without the strain on your joints.
  • Multi-Stone 
    – CONTOUR Ceramic Massage Stones can also be used together – place CONTOUR M over CONTOUR I and roll across the skin for a zero-friction massage. Or use one CONTOUR M or one CONTOUR I in each hand to give a symmetrical massage and cover more of the body at once. You can also start a massage with CONTOUR M, then move to CONTOUR I, or vice versa.
  • Temperature
    - Heat CONTOUR M by submerging it in warm water or by pouring a small amount of warm oil from an AFTERGLOW Natural Massage Candle into the concavity in its underside. Warmth is relaxing and encourages circulation.
    - Cool CONTOUR M in refrigerator or by running under cold water. Cold is invigorating and refreshes the body.
  • Lotion
    – To add to the experience, pair CONTOUR M with BEYOND Sensational Massage Lotions for a Warming, Cooling or Euphoric massage.