Seduce Me Leather Riding Crop

Tease, tickle and tame.
This 15" handmade premium lambskin leather riding crop is the real deal and a Jimmyjane exclusive design. Intended to urge your gallant steed to run faster and jump higher, it also works nicely – with proper care and attention – on your gallant (and consenting) loved ones.

 Year End Event

  • Beautiful leather detail – complete with braided tips and wrapped handle
  • Material – Black lambskin leather over fiberglass core
  • Dimensions – 15" long

Customer Reviews

Skip it Review by Christy

I was really excited to try this. Even though it was a low-ish price point for a good crop, I had high hopes given the high quality of other JJ products. I should have known, though: you get what you pay for and I should have expected to shell out at least $100 for a quality crop.

My complaints:

1) Cheap looking and feeling. The 'leather' that wraps the handle (can't tell if it's real or not) is a long strip rather sloppily stitched lengthwise up the handle, hiding what feels like coiled cording underneath. Does not feel comfortable in the hand, feels thin and cheap. The knotted leather at the ends of the handle is loose in places and tight in others making it look sloppy.

2) Unweighted. This is an extremely light crop with no feeling of weight in the handle to give it balance.

3) No flex. This crop is totally rigid and sounds like it's cracking when you try and flex it. This means there is no spring on impact, which makes bruising much more likely, especially for the inexperienced. This crop will deliver pain, whereas a flexible crop can build up from pleasure to pain. So this is great if you're a straight masochist, but not if you're more into crops as sensual/painful foreplay.

4) Poorly finished. The cording that connects the leather strap to the cane is melted in place, and on mine the melted places are quite sharp. It is hard to use this without unintentionally scratching a person.

I did give it two stars instead of one because the strap is quite nice. Buttery-soft leather, feels good on the skin, and is nice and stingy. I wish the rest of the crop was as nice.

(Posted on 5/28/15)

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