PULSE by Hot Octopuss

Male Stimulator and Couples’ Vibrator


Patented PulsePlate technology delivers high-amplitude oscillations to make this product ideal for male solo play, while the vibrating area on top makes it a perfect hands-free addition to couples’ foreplay. An added advantage of the design is that PULSE can fit over the penis even when not erect.

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  • Patented PulsePlate technology – Oscillates to stimulate the frenulum (underside of the shaft)
  • Versatile - Great for male solo play as well as hands-free foreplay
  • Body-safe – Soft matt silicone
  • Rechargeable – USB charger plug-in
  • Expanding Wings – Fit men of all sizes, whether or not his penis is erect

Customer Reviews

Unexpected Surprise Review by Pleasure Seeker

Got this item while being a little skeptical and did not expect that great of an experience. After turning it on while flaccid... I became erect, throbbing and climaxing all within the space of 8 minutes. Took a little adjustment to find that sweet spot but when I did it was very good. Good all 3 times in a row of use right out of the box.

1. Results are advertised
2. Charging the battery is quick
3. Tucks away when not in use very well and discreetly

1. Can be a bit loud, especially at higher levels of stimulation
2. Heavier than expected for something of its size.
3. Had to use one hand to hold the unit in place or it would shift around from the "vibrations" and throbbing of the penis

High encourage the investment of this little item for any guy that wants to different kind of climax.

(Posted on 1/8/15)

So these are the experiences females have known for years... Review by StarshipAI

This changes the game. This toy is on par with the orgasmic technologies that women have taken for granted for the last several years. It's now possible to experience ecstasy levels previously only observed in females. I'll never be the same.

(Posted on 6/25/14)

Disappointed Review by G

This is a well-made product, HOWEVER.... I would have paid more for a vibrator with variable speeds/pulses. This a "slam-bang-I'm-off" vibrator. No subtlety whatsoever. Hands free was not pleasurable at all, and hands on was not as good as just hand. I do not recommend this vibrator. Not worth the cost.

(Posted on 6/4/14)

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Suggested Uses

Pulse by Hot Octopuss Suggested Uses

FOR HIM – Apply lubricant and run PULSE along the shaft for a next-generation male masturbator. Or, skip the lube and use PULSE as a static stimulator for a completely new sensation.

FOR US – For use during foreplay, attach PULSE to his shaft while she lowers herself onto his body. Using her weight to hold PULSE in place, she can press her labia or clitoris against the vibrating outside of the toy while he enjoys the internal oscillations. Everyone wins!

Pulse by Hot Octopuss