Vibration Intensity & Sound Level

Vibration Intensity & Sound Level

Vibration is sound, so if you want the most powerful vibration, you should expect to hear your vibrator. Of course, a well made vibrator will be quieter at any intensity than a poorly manufactured one. This is an important consideration for many buyers, as a rattling vibrator can be very distracting.

When running at top speed on both motors, FORM 6 is the most powerful cordless vibrator that we've tested, while remaining quieter at any given vibration level than other vibrators available on the market. 


LITTLE SOMETHING is the quietest vibrator on the market – it's virtually silent. LITTLE CHROMA and HELLO TOUCH are also very quiet. 

Light Touch

Vibrators made of softer materials (such as elastomer) have softer "higher-pitched" vibration, as do vibrators that use AA or AAA batteries, like HELLO TOUCH and ICONIC BULLET. Additionally, keep in mind that many vibrators offer a range of intensity levels, letting you control how much vibration you get. 

Bring It On

Vibrators made of hard plastic or firm silicone, like FORM 6, tend to transmit stronger vibration. Vibrators that plug into the wall like HITACHI MAGIC WAND, or cordless vibrators with recharegable Lithium Polymer/Ion batteries like the FORM line have more juice, and thus more vibration. Remember, the bigger the motor, the stronger the rumbling. If the motor is located close to where the vibrator contacts the body (as in FORM 2 and FORM 4), all the better. Still not enough for you? Our HELLO TOUCH X offers both 30% more power than the original and the option to enjoy electrostimulation - a tantalizing threshold between pleasure and pain.