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Circumstances & Opportunities

Circumstances & Opportunities

Vibrators are not limited to the bedroom, or even to the house. You may find that you're interested in a product that's suited to other adventures. 

On the Road.
Travel is sexy; it takes us out of our normal patterns and opens up new possibilities. LITTLE CHROMA is a great travel companion. Simply remove the battery and replaceable motor. The empty housing can pass as a makeup case and no one will be the wiser. FORM vibrators come with a locking mechanism, so they're guarenteed not to go off in your luggage. 

In the Water.
A vibrator can add a twist to your me-time in the bath or we-time in the hot tub. FORM 2, FORM 3, FORM 4, FORM 6, LITTLE CHROMA, and LITTLE SOMETHING are all waterproof and ready to make a splash.

Somewhere Not-So-Private.
Roommates, house guests, kids, neighbors - there are a lot of reasons to look for a discreet vibrator. LITTLE CHROMA and HELLO TOUCH have exceptionally quiet motors, though we can't be responsible for the racket that you'll make. The vibrators in the FORM line looks so cute on your bedside, the housekeeper will be none the wiser.