FORM 2/3/4 Charging Base

Replacement Charger for the Universal Adaptor Models

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Power your FORM 2, 3 or 4 for over four hours of use.

Patented Technology – Only from Jimmyjane

  • Cordless Recharging
  • Travel-Ready

*Adapters and charging bases are sold separately.Not compatible with USB FORMS

 Pleasure Sets

Year End Event


All of our FORM vibrators come with charging bases. This is a replacement in the event the original gets lost. The universal adapter is sold separately.

This replacement FORM charging base will power your little companion for up to seven hours of use.

  • Cordless Recharging – Simply place your FORM vibrator on the charging base
  • Compatible with all Adapters – Purchase your U.S., U.K. or European adapter separately

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