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Fifty Shades of Grey Silver Pleasure Balls

Metal Kegel Balls

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These heavy, metal balls can strengthen the pelvic floor and PC muscles while stimulating the G-spot. Designed for someone who has used Kegel exercisers previously, the slim 3.75” circumference balls provide a new toning challenge. A strong nylon cord connects the two balls to a large metal finger loop, making them easily removable and safe for anal play.

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  • Versatile – Can be used for exercise and pleasure, both vaginally and anally
  • Dimensions – Two 3.75”-circumference balls, combined length of 8.5” inches including cord
  • Materials – Nylon and metal
  • Weight – Combined weight of 221 grams

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Suggested Uses

Use lubricant while inserting the balls. Try these lying down at first to get used to the feel before using them while standing.

For exercise – To perform Kegel exercises, clench your vaginal muscles around the balls as if you’re trying to bring them further up. Hold for a breath, then release. Repeat ten times, three times per day.

For pleasure – Kegel balls put pressure on your G-spot as you squeeze them. Combine these with an external vibrator, like FORM 2, or use during foreplay for added enjoyment.