Double Wrap Lariat

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Delicately encircles you in precious metal, from neck to waist.

  • Limited Edition
  • Charm Dangle

Available in Sterling Silver, Large (size 8-14)

 Pleasure Sets

Year End Event


Think of Jimmyjane's luminous double wrap lariat as lingerie you can wear as jewelry. It ropes you in from top to bottom – first, circling the neck with a double strand of chain, pausing at a pair of hand-hammered rings. Then, plunging suggestively to the waist, it lassoes the hips with a second sexy twist. Worn provocatively with an open neckline or secretly beneath your cozy cashmere, TRACE adds grace – and a bit of an edge – to any ensemble.

  • Limited Edition – One-of-a-kind design available exclusively at
  • Gold or Silver – 14k gold or sterling silver
  • Two sizes – Small (size 0-6) or Large (size 8-14)
  • Charm Dangle – Embossed with the Jimmyjane logo, it hangs at the hip

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